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Hi friend, I'm Madsen!

Together with great humans, I've been on a journey to design stories that people and businesses can relate to.

You'll often find me trying to keep a positive attitude and advocating for fairness.

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Designing Teams

Join me on a journey as a design leader, exploring my actions during the crucial first six months in a new team.

Let's look into how we strengthened our team on an individual level, how we evolved our approach to complex problems, and explore how design can operate beyond the team on an organizational level.

Debut as a Maker

Frido: Swipe to plan your day

A personal project designed to free people from the burden of creating endless to do lists they eventually give up on.


Designing for Scale

Iterating on an existing feature and leading the integration of it into different ecosystems.

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Designing for Big Screens

The redesign of a flagship feature powered by a full-fledged design sprint.

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Been there

Don’t take my word for it.

For the past decade, I designed products for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and indie entrepreneurs β™₯

Giving back

Need Help?

I offer pro bono assistance to fellow designers, NGOs, indie artists & entrepreneurs.

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