Madsen Vale

Product Designer, Design Systems Evangelist, Coding Enthusiast

Product Designer at Zattoo

Inhabitant of Berlin

Pretending at The Dark Joy

Contributing on Github

About Me

I am a Designer with background in Human-computer Interaction and Visual Arts. My work is driven by the will of making complicated things easy and pleasant to interact with.

Over the past years, I have worked alongside multicultural professionals under the roof of digital studios, advertising agencies, media groups, software houses and startups.

The nature of my work ranges between design and engineering teams, in which the projects I worked have earned recognition from highly acclaimed press around the globe, such as Forbes, Bloomberg Business, Newsweek, El Mundo, Terra.

Product Thinking

I focus on designing solutions for real world issues instead of just adding layers of fancyness.


I am able to conduct research initiatives, interpretate data outputs and define action items.


I step away from lazy solutions in favor of understanding how to create products that are easy to use.


I create prototypes of all sorts of fidelity, including kinect animations to communicate spatial relationships between elements.

Visual Design

I craft interfaces with a high level of visual polish.


I enable to work more efficiently by simplyfing processes.

Design Systems

I take the the necessary measures to setup and estabilish a Design Language System.


I create tools to empower people to do more and reduce the incidence of unglorifying tasks.


I occasionally write front-end code that helps me to get more familiar with the constraints of each platform.