The Magically Augmented Kingdom

Early 2012

TL;DR Augmented Reality; Mixed Reality; Geolocation; Interactive Storytelling; iPad App; 3D Characters

The Project

When Real meets Virtual

An iPad application unlocked the fantastic universe and characters of Del Valle Kapo.

During the weekends of October, the children's month in Brazil, storytellers guided groups of parents and their children through the biggest urban ecological trail in Latin America.

At the time, the use of augmented reality was limited mostly to tech experiments but Coca-Cola’s endorsement, we put together a group of skilled professionals and created our very own experience targeted to the general public.


Thanks to the introduction of geolocation on the second generation of iPads, we were able to to pinpoint the exact location of the people on the trail and show, on the devices they were carrying, immersive and interactive scenes connected to their surroundings.


A group storytellers entertained the groups by sharing tales about the fantastic universe and characters of the magic kingdom.

Real Experiences

In 2012, immersive technologies were still a romantic dream. We enabled all the people who participated on that journey to experience, for the very first time, the world around them on a completely different way.


Beyond the Tech

  • Throughout the trail, storytellers were also telling the children the importance of being environmentally self-aware
  • Although the technical aspects of the project were very challenging, the excitement and commitment of everyone on the team allowed us to deliver something we were proud of
  • Being on the field and seeing in the eyes of the children this sense of awe was a heartwarming experience
  • Both, geolocation and augmented reality technologies, were still on its early stages so we had to compromise many things along to way to make the project viable
  • The geolocation capabilities of the iPad 2 turned out to be not very reliable so we had to improvise on that